• We design, develop and manufacture customised Shielding products within shorter span of time
  • Strong in-house R&D team
  • Only Indian Company to receive CEMILAC (Center for Military Airworthiness Certification, Ministry of Defence, Government of India) TYPE APPROVAL CERTIFICATION for EMI Shielding – Conductive Elastomer Gaskets
  • Technical Consultancy for manufacturing EMI/EMC Compliant Products as per MIL Standards
  • 30+ years of expertise and proven track record of in-house development of EMI Shielding products
  • Strong technical team – capable of resolving EMI Shielding issues
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities
  • Innovative and cost effective solution
  • Faster turn around  time


To make a positive difference to our worldwide customers and be recognised as a global leader in providing reliable, efficient and innovative EMI/EMP Shielding solutions.


We are on a Mission to help our Customers shield their Valuable Assets/ Equipment from EMI/EMP.

We achieve this by developing customised EMI/EMP Shielding Gaskets & accessories through Consulting, Innovative R&D, Reliable Manufacturing & Timely Customer Service.

Why is it Critical to shield Electronic Devices from Electro Magnetic Interference(EMI)?

All electronic devices must be properly shielded from Electro Magnetic Interference(EMI) to ensure effective & efficient functioning. With advancements in electronic warfare – shielding of Defence electronic equipments from EMI & Electro-magnetic Pulse(EMP) assumes far greater significance.

Whether it is man-made or a natural phenomenon, EMI/EMP can cause substantial damage to the equipment.

SSD Polymers mission is to provide high quality and reliable EMI/ EMP Shielding Solutions to Defence, Marine/ Naval, aerospace and manufacturing sectors.

Our shielding products are being used in various defence electronic equipments in India and other countries.

With our well equipped manufacturing facility & R&D team – we are well positioned to design, develop and produce custom EMI/ EMP shielding products on time for you. 


Our team is led by Dr. Datta Prasad, a renowned
Physicist, Scholar & Consultant to many Defence firms. Under his able leadership, SSD
Polymers has been able to solve many complex
EMI/EMP Shielding Challenges & deliver hi-quality
Shielding products.

We love challenges: Our qualified and experienced
technical team are always available to find viable shielding
solutions to your EMI & EMP challenges.

Looking for a Reliable & Technically Competent EMI/ EMP Shielding Solutions Partner?