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Challenge Definition: An aerospace customer required EMI Shielding for one of their equipment used in their aircraft for proper functioning of the equipment.

Critical Customer Requirements: The suggested solution should be able to withstand the Jet fuel contamination while providing environmental and EMI Shielding sealing as well.

SSD Polymers’ Solution: SSD Polymers developed a suitable EMI Shielding gasket made of Pure Silver Filled Fluoro-silicone Elastomer material which is superior in both Electrical and Mechanical properties. Our design team developed the gasket in such a way that there is no necessity of modifications in the existing hardware of the equipment. SSD Polymers team also provided valuable guidance in integrating the EMI Gasket and various other precautions to be taken.

Result: The gasket was successfully fitted into the equipment. SSD Polymers’ solution has resulted in proper functioning of the equipment and the Customer expressed his satisfaction about the reliability and high performance standard of SSD Polymers products.

Highlights of the Product used in offering the solution:

SSD Polymers’ Pure Silver Conductive Elastomers are MIL grade conductive elastomers as per MIL-DTL-83528. These materials provide excellent EMI Shielding performance and superior mechanical properties. SSD Polymers manufacture these gaskets in Sheets, Moulded form, extruded chords etc. as per the customer requirement.


Challenge Definition: A Defence Generator manufacturer required their Generators to be made EMI/EMC compliant as per MIL-STD-461.

Critical Customer Requirements: Very minimal hardware changes are allowed while making the Generator EMI/EMC Complaint. The offered solution should be cost effective and easy to install.

SSD Polymers’ Solution:
SSD Polymers design team studied the electrical and mechanical drawings of the Generator. SSD Polymers team designed and developed the required EMI Shielding materials like EMI Shielding Honeycomb Airvents (at airflow areas), EMI Shielding Wire Mesh Gaskets (At Doors), EMI Shielding Windows (at display panel) and EMI/EMC Connector gaskets (at connector locations). SSD Polymers also guided the customer in integration of the EMI Shielding material supplied by SSD Polymers, cable shielding and routing, usage of appropriate Line and Power filters, etc. In short, SSD Polymers has offered one stop solution in making the Generator EMI/EMC Compliant.

Result: The Generator was successfully tested for EMI/EMC Compliance as per MIL-STD-461 at Defence EMI/EMC Testing labs. The Generator also passed the EMI/EMC tests. Customer expressed satisfaction with the SSD Polymers’ products quality and technical support provided by SSD Polymers. With the confidence attained, they have taken support from SSD Polymers for EMI Hardening of their other range of Defence Generators. SSD Polymers has successfully completed EMI Hardening of wide range of Defence Generators ranging from 2kVA to 1000kVA.

Highlights of the Products used in offering the solution:

SSD Polymers EMI Shielding Honeycomb Airvents provide excellent EMI Shielding and optimum air flow. The optimum airflow helps in preventing the Generator from excessive heating.

SSD Polymers EMI Shielding Windows offer excellent EMI Shielding effectiveness while providing high optical transparency.

SSD Polymers Conductive Elastomer Gaskets and Wire Knit Gaskets are highly effective in providing EMI Shielding as well as environmental sealing.


Challenge Definition: A Defence electronics system manufacturer required EMI Shielding conductive gaskets to be corrosion resistant while providing highest EMI Shielding effectiveness.

Critical Customer Requirements: High EMI Shielding effectiveness and Corrosion resistance.

SSD Polymers’ Solution:
Pure Silver Conductive elastomer was the product of choice as it offered the highest EMI Shielding effectiveness and Silicone Elastomers demonstrate excellent corrosion resistance. Hence, SSD Polymers design team suggested the usage of Composite Conductive elastomer gaskets which are manufactured by Co-Moulding of Pure Silver Conductive elastomer and a Non-conductive Silicone Elastomer. The non-conductive silicone elastomer would be in direct interface with the Marine environment while the Conductive elastomer would be on the inner periphery.

Result: The offered solution has resulted in Corrosion Resistance while offering the highest EMI Shielding effectiveness while meeting user requirement. This solution has proven to be successful in various orders executed by SSD Polymers.

Highlights of the Product used in offering the solution:

SSD Polymers’ Composite Conductive Elastomer Gaskets offer the highest EMI Shielding effectiveness and corrosion protection without any compromise in the performance. This is an ideal solution for Marine and Naval applications.

Composite Conductive Elastomer Gaskets are very useful when the gasket cross section is very large. Conductive elastomer gaskets with larger cross sections are very expensive. Hence, as an economical option without compromising in the performance aspects, it is recommended to use SSD Polymers’ Composite Conductive Elastomer Gaskets.

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